Who are we?

Financially Included is a partnership project between GEMAP and the Glasgow Violence Against Women Partnership. We focus on economic and financial abuse, and the economic impact of gender-based violence.

We are funded via the Scottish Government’s; Delivering Equally Safe fund, administered by Inspiring Scotland.

We are a small team of 4, comprised of our project manager, training & network officer, and two welfare rights advisers who specialise in advising survivors of gender-based violence, using a trauma informed approach.


What do we do?

Training & Tools

We have worked alongside the Women’s Support Network and Advice sectors in Glasgow to coproduce and develop robust Economic Abuse Training and a Toolkit.

Our training has been launched this year and we are currently working across the GAIN network in Glasgow to upskill money advisers to be able to; identify economic abuse earlier, routinely ask and provide robust support for recovery for victim survivors.

We are also about to launch a series of workshops with the Women’s Support Network organisations across Glasgow.
If you are interested in our training package for your sector, please get in touch at

Specialist Advice

We provide benefits and money advice to women in Glasgow who have experienced gender-based violence, to support them to recover, feel empowered and work towards financial independence.

Our 2 advisers have undertaken a vast array of Gender Based Violence training and understand the importance of being trauma informed, joining the project with many years’ experience in the welfare rights sector.  We offer advice through a number of channels; face to face, outreach and telephone and home visits.

We advise on benefit claims, appeals and representation at tribunal level.  We support people to navigate their way out of debt, exploring all suitable options available to them.  We offer financial capability assistance and support to make applications for crisis and charity grants.

We specialise in supporting victim survivors with debt as a result of economic abuse and work with financial institutions to find appropriate recovery options. 

We have also partnered with the UK charity SEA as a part of a pilot scheme to work with banks and financial organisations that are also part of the pilot.

Who can access our support?

If you are a woman in Glasgow and require support, and are engaged with a gender-based violence support service, please ask them to send a referral to

If you are not yet engaged with any women’s gender-based violence support services and are or have experienced economic abuse and would like support please contact us at or call 0141 773 5850.

Other Gender Based Violence Services

Scotland’s Domestic Abuse and Forced Marriage Helpline; Freephone on 0800 027 1234, text/whatsapp; 07401288595   email or use their livechat:

Glasgow Women’s Aid 0141 553 2022

Glasgow East Women’s Aid 0141 781 0230

Glasgow and Clyde Rape Crisis Helpline 08088 00 00 14

Amina (The Muslim Women’s Resource Centre) 0808 801 0301

The Daisy Project

Hermat Gryffe 0141 353 0859

Women’s Support Project 0141 418 0748

If you are in immediate danger, call 999