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For all enquiries about GEMAP’s services or to arrange an appointment, please contact us via telephone, fax or email as below

GEMAP Scotland Ltd
Westwood Business Centre
Unit 2/3i, 69 Aberdalgie Road
Easterhouse Glasgow
G34 9HJ

Phone: 0141 773 5850
Fax: 0141 781 1777

If you have a specific enquiry, are resident in the north and east of Glasgow and would prefer to contact us through this website, then please fill in your details below, with a short note of the subject of your query and we will endeavour to respond within 24 hours (responses to weekend enquiries may take longer).

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We hope that you never need to use them but, if you do have a complaint, here are our Complaint Procedures

GEMAP are committed to meeting and exceeding our Customer Care standards and providing you with the best quality service. Customer Care Policy

US and You
We are committed to providing the highest standard of service, but to do this we need your co-operation please see attached our service agreement you would be asked to sign.