What is financial Capability?

Financial Capability is a range of skills that can be learned to help people feel more confident, motivated, inspired and in control of managing their finances.

Our Approach to Financial Capability

We aim to support people on their journey to becoming financially capable individuals, helping people to build on existing skills, confidence and independence in dealing with their personal finances. We want to enable, inspire and transform how people view their finances.

Who we work with

We can work with you on a one-to-one basis or come out and speak to your group whether you are a: Nursery, Primary or Secondary School, College or University, Community group, voluntary or public sector organisation – no matter what stage you are at. Most importantly, we work with you at a pace that’s comfortable for you.

Group Work

We believe in promoting financial capability as a fundamental life skill. We target Under 25’s offering a preventative/ pro-active approach through our financial education programme to ensure younger generations are prepared for managing their personal finances and make decisions from an informed position that best fit their needs.

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Capability Subject Links:

Whether you’re a saver or borrower, we can all use a bit of extra help when it comes to managing money. Have a look at the subjects we cover for more information on A.P.R to Standing Orders… This information is easy to read and aimed to help you manage money with confidence

Capability Subjects

Credit Unions